Our Adoption Coordinators are the public face of our rescue – the liaison between the foster families and the adoptive families, the match-makers, and the fairy dog-parents of each pup that they find the perfect family for. Maybe you don’t have the space to foster or the funds to donate, but you still want to have a tremendous impact on the lives of rescued GSDs? Sign up to become an adoption coordinator!

coordinateThis volunteer position isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s time consuming, challenging, and can be emotional. You’ll have to be able to deny an application or tell a family that the dog they think they want isn’t the right dog for them. You’ll have to be patient, understanding, and communicate well with people. You can expect daily emails or phone calls to or from applicants, and some applicants make take months to find the perfect dog. You’ll need to be detail oriented and record notes diligently in our application program. You’ll have to read between the lines with applicants, weed out potential bad seeds, and work always with the dog’s best interest at the front of your mind.

If all of this sounds like a challenge you’re willing to take on, you’ll be rewarded with the repeated joy of placing a dog in a family that will love it for the rest of it’s life. You’ll know, without a doubt, that you’ve contributed to saving that dog’s life, and the life of another dog in a shelter that the foster family can now help. You’ll get email or Facebook updates on the dog you placed, sometimes for years after the adoption because the family is still so grateful that you helped bring him/her into their lives.

Interested in this challenging, rewarding role? Email for more information.