“Many hands make light work” – John Heywood

John Heywood had it right. As more people pitch in to volunteer with causes they care about, the possibilities for making a difference become endless. If GSDs are one of your passions then please consider helping SGSR make a difference in the lives of abandoned and abused GSDs everywhere.


One of the most important, challenging and rewarding jobs within animal rescue is the job of the foster parent. Without caring, committed foster homes, very few dogs could be rescued and rehabilitated.

Our foster parents provide safe, loving homes where each dog is provided with basic care such as food, water, shelter and love. Many rescued dogs have never seen the inside of a home so the foster parent may need to teach them basic house manners. Oftentimes, the rescued dog is in need of medical treatment so the foster parent provides them a quiet place to recover, takes them to vet appointments and gives them their medicine.

Once the dog is well enough, the foster parent makes arrangements for potential adopters to meet their foster dog either at their home or at another agreed upon location. The foster parent knows that making the right match for their dog is critical to a successful and permanent placement into a loving forever home.

It takes a big heart and a huge commitment to see to the needs of a foster dog. SGSR is committed to providing on-call support to each of our foster parents. They are our most valuable asset.

The work is hard but the rewards are beyond measure. Knowing that you are a vital link in the rescue chain from certain death to a happy ever after is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. Most adoptive families keep in touch, sending updates and pictures of the treasured pet that they owe to you and SGSR. Won’t you consider opening your heart and your home to foster one of our rescues? Read more on our Foster Information page.

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We dream of rescuing shepherds day and night, but we can’t do it without the necessary resources. If you can, donate on our Donate page. We also love to hear other ways you’d like to contribute, through local fundraisers or fund drive events! Email sgsrtreasuer@gmail.com with your ideas!


Our volunteers are overworked and unpaid, but find such intense joy in the work we do to help save this noble breed.  Adoption Coordinators are the key link between our organization and potential families for our pups. If you are detail oriented, love talking to people, love talking about dogs, stalk our page and have time and energy to invest in making dreams come true for potential families and our rescued shepherds, email sgsrtreasurer@gmail.com about becoming an Adoption Coordinator!


It takes a village to do the work we do – and we want you to be a part of it! Like our Facebook page and watch for opportunities to transport pups, conduct home visits or visit us at events.