chance1SGSR’s foster homes are the gateway to a chance at a new life for a rescued German Shepherd; without generous donations to our Chance Medical Fund those gateways would remain closed to GSD’s with costly medical concerns.

Our Chance Medical Fund allows us to provide life-saving surgeries, pain-reducing treatments, healing medicines and critical supplies to dogs with any number of debilitating medical conditions, illnesses and injuries.

chance2With these funds and our network of generous vets we can, and do, provide heartworm treatments, remove tumors, repair joints, diagnose mysterious illnesses and treat painful skin infections that have left dogs nearly naked. We can care for wounds, provide critical nutrition to starved bodies, treat pneumonia and keep whole litters of puppies alive after shelter exposure to deadly parvovirus.

The Chance Medical Fund provides the funding needed to move these dogs from sick or injured to healthy and happy; from unadoptable, without hope, to cherished family members.

This fund is only available through generous donations from our loyal friends. Join our village and help our Medical Fund dogs by following us on When funds are low we rely on our page to share the stories of our dire cases; when funds are available we can help dogs that others can’t or won’t, dogs that deserve a chance.

Ready to Donate?

All donations are fully tax deductible and every dollar changes the life of a German Shepherd in need.


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